3 Mixed Use cases where BIM worked like a charm

Mixed Use Developments: 3 CorbisStudio’s cases where BIM worked like a charm

Nov 16, 2018

CAD software, 3D models, shop drawings… Mixed-use developments are one of the many sectors in which CorbisStudio has a vast experience. Here are some of the cases where we have succeeded in working worldwide and delivering projects.

Our biggest aim in the AEC industry is to help. That includes being at the service of developers, general contractors, architects and engineers who create, manage BIM models and provide Project Delivery Services. It doesn’t matter how big or small the project is, that has never stopped us.

We provide unparalleled precision and speed. This allows us to update designs and coordinate disciplines during Design and Construction stages and to extract drawings for approval, bid or construction.

That is the case of our Mixed-Use Development project deliveries. We mixed our technical expertise with precise execution in order to deliver projects all around the globe. In this article, we’ll highlight some key projects of the many we have participated in around the world. These projects were developed in the United States and in some Middle East countries as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

We couldn’t have done it without our world-class team, who was in charge of the integrated BIM strategy. Having our own architecture software for project management also played a big role in the success of these projects.

But we are here to talk about Mixed-Used development projects and how we met our partners’ expectations on each project through our Project Delivery and BIM services. All of these projects were part of a bigger architecture diagram, which had a single aim: to provide residential and commercial solutions.


Tatweer towers: using Revit models to provide construction solutions


CorbisStudio provided BIM services for the Tatweer towers project in Dubai.

Tatweer Towers in Dubai. CorbisStudio delivered Architecture BIM services for the project.


We’ll start with a distinguished project. We participated in the Tatweer Towers project for Burt Hill architects. Located in Dubai, the project consisted of a 120 story residential, commercial, retail and hospitality twin towers. These towers were connected by a bridge over Emirates Road, forming the gateway to Dubailand.

The project had an impressive architectural design with mixed-use zoning. It also featured a podium that provided a critical link between a rail station and adjacent developments.

However, it was the aforementioned architectural design’s unusual shape that challenged chief architects, BIM experts, and software engineers, among others. It required to redesign the process and to rethink the management of vast quantities of data effectively.

That’s when the CorbisStudio team came into action. We partnered with Burt Hill to show what our BIM services are made of. The process started with a conversion from the Rhino design models into an executive Revit model for documentation. Then, we continued to manage the BIM model through the Detail Design stage.

Our scope included the podium and both towers’ shell and core along with basic interior design layouts. Also, the structure and main mechanical elements were modeled for coordination.

The mixed-use development project ran smoothly during the 18 months schedule. All the deliverables were handed over in time. The result once again was another happy client around the world.


High street at Motor City: BIM services in Construction Drawings stage.

High street at Motor City was one of the horizontal mixed-use developments in which we also participated in Dubai, UAE. This project contributed to expanding our experience working on Middle East projects. Regarding the architecture software, we implemented the use of Revit.

This $308 million residential and commercial project consisted of 10 four-story buildings. They were located along the main and exclusive avenue of the Motor City Master Plan development.

The CorbisStudio team was involved in the project through Architectural Detail Design and Construction Drawings set for Buildings A and E.

For the remaining buildings, our BIM specialists and architects team participated in the Interior Detail Design and Construction Drawings phases.

CorbisStudio’s modality of work was divided into two. On-site professional support at our client’s office in Dubai and a dedicated group working from Argentina.


Vulcan Lakefront Projects: Revit and AutoCAD architecture

Moving on to the US West Coast, we find one of the mixed-use developments we partnered in the United States. The Vulcan Lakefront project was located in Seattle, WA, more precisely by the Lake Union Park. It called for a total of around 787,000 square feet of office space and 370 apartments. The designed buildings included some street-level retail as well as open space, including a through-block pedestrian connection.

We were in charge of the project’s architectural building core along with the Interior Design for the common area. The BIM services we provided took part in the Schematic Design, the Design Development, and the Construction Document stages.


Vulcan Lakefront Projects is a great and successful Mixed-Use experience for CorbisStudio

Seattle's Vulcan Lakefront Projects render.


In the words of Juan Acastello, our Project Manager assigned to this project, this is what Vulcan Lakefront meant to CorbisStudio, what we contributed and the challenges we overcome:

“Developing the full DDs and CDs for 3 large-scale mixed-used buildings with different contact points on the client side simultaneously was certainly a challenge."

"To do that you need to make sure you have a streamlined process information flow. At some point, we had 2 On-site coordinators, and a 16 people team at CorbisStudio."

"Corbis provided the necessary BIM know-how and production capability taking care of all the modeling and documentation efforts, thus completely relieving the architect from production”.

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