Office Architecture in an Infographic

The NAB Project in a 1-minute infographic

Jan 17, 2019

The National Australia Bank head office was one of our great experiences in Australia. Our team participated in the development of the architectural detail drawings of the offices. We worked with Woods Bagot in the Design Development and Construction Documents production. See all the work involved and some facts about this impressing project.

The National Australia Bank head office is one of the Office projects that we are most proud of. The project was completed in 2013 and we are very proud to see it standing in the docklands of Melbourne.

We provided Revit BIM models for this project located on 700 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Australia. Our scope of work involved developing architectural drawings and structural drawings to be used in the construction of the project.

The following infographic shows our work and some facts about this corporate Office project:

National Australian Bank headquarters in Melbourne, Office Architecture project. Infographic.


The working process in a large scale office architecture project

The National Australian Bank headquarters in Melbourne, Australia was one of the biggest BIM projects our team collaborated in. To provide architectural BIM services from our local offices down to a far destination implied on-site staff to drive and coordinate the work back to our studio.

The on-site coordinator becomes the liability in a process that can sometimes become complex. This position has to review the Revit BIM models produced. In this case, our team worked on 3D modeling for Architecture and Interior Design (creating 5 models of each).

Due to that, our BIM Coordinators had to take some considerations. The construction plans, BIM objects and the types of construction drawings had to comply with the Australian standards and codes.

The NAB project (one of the top tier banks in the country) was developed by CBUS. It is a 65,000 square meter (700,000 sq. ft.) building organized by the “workspace model”.

Our involvement took place during the Design Development and Construction Drawings phases. We developed the corresponding documentation and architecture drawing plans for each stage. We used a BIM approach working with Australian architecture and design firm Woods Bagot, that was in charge of the office building design, acting as the Project Architect.

The BIM Modeling process for Office Architecture

Once the team defined the goals and objectives and set the bases for the project, the BIM modeling started. At this stage, they identified the special office architecture design knowledge needed to develop the best, most thoughtful response to our client needs.

The BIM Execution Plan and LOD/LOI matrix defined on the BIM Manual during the previous stage served as the roadmap. Our scope was limited, to the following BIM uses of documentation and clash detection.

Modeling guidelines and construction field experts provided the required knowledge to ensure that we developed accurate 3D simulations of the project that was going to be built.

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The site is a triangular-shaped lot between two streets at the back of a stadium. On Burke Street, there is a pedestrian bridge connecting the Stadium with the Train Station that was part of the project site.

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