The hidden value of BIM Services

The Hidden Value of BIM services: An Infographic

Nov 27, 2019

Your firm’s performance can get even better. Our approach to BIM services makes it possible to split your DD and CD budget into 3. 1/3 to your Management, 1/3 to our fee and the last 1/3 is your profit.

The BIM Model potential for the AEC industry

Working with BIM is rather common in projects large and small these days. This 3D model methodology has been around for quite a while. And Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms have adopted Building Information Modeling in most of the US.

But, we have to face a fact. Most of the BIM model crowd only uses it to produce permit quality drawings. There’s much more to BIM technology than just use it as improved 2D drawings that look exceedingly better in 3D. That’s the difference and where the real value of BIM services lies hidden.

BIM Construction applied from Concept to Owner Occupancy

It is astounding how much value studios and firms can add to construction projects. There are physical and functional characteristics to the Construction Industry coming from BIM uses. The future of construction will be heavily shaped by 3D modeling.

Construction professionals can see clear benefits in the construction site by implementing a new working process that includes BIM Modeling services, Documentation, and Management.

Often, architecture teams are involved in a designing process that drifts apart from the issues that cost time and money at the construction site. By briding Design, BIM tools, and Construction Management, better results are achieved.

But we know that it demands time and highly-trained staff. These are delicate factors that impact a project budget. It is not like a studio can hire unlimited staff that might only be needed for a specific large scale project. That’s when the flexibility of a BIM company provides the best solution for the best price.

The outcome is clear. More precise cost estimates, fewer RFIs, and team members getting a better understanding of design to build it. In this approach, it becomes vital the focus on generating construction drawings with the end-user in mind. In the end, they are the ones interpreting and putting into practice what was produced from Concept Design to Construction Documents phases of a project. 

The clearer the architecture production, the less back and forth at the job site.

BIM Technology development for BIM Software

By studying our delivery process we detected two major areas where our staff was wasting valuable time. And, by the repetitive nature of the work, there was a high risk of error.

This was our wake up call to understand the potential of BIM technology. We developed three BIM Software plugins to tackle those issues from a different angle. Our project delivery times improved exponentially.

CorbisSieve is a plugin that boasts the ability to navigate the Revit models for data integrity of elements in the models at a macro-scale.

CorbisSniffer controls all parameters of all elements inside a complex BIM model that is far beyond the human scale. This plugin allows our teams to quickly extract data and perform controls using database based processes. Ultimately, it reduces time and increases certainty on data quality.

By automating tasks, what took 9936 minutes (165.6 hours) was brought down to only 33 minutes.

Dynamo (developed by Autodesk) is a stand-alone programming environment. It enables designers to create visual logic to explore parametric conceptual designs and automate tasks at a BIM level.

Software tools developed and implemented to automate work allowed us to reduce time up to 90% for repetitive tasks. The total impact on the project is time savings up to 5%.

Here’s how we help your studio with Project Delivery

The hidden value of our BIM service in an infographic. The benefits of BIM in a graphic.

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