Staying up-to-date with the BIM and AEC Industry

Staying up-to-date with the BIM and AEC Industry

Oct 18, 2018

CorbisStudio's presence at BIM and AEC industry events around the world. This past month we were present at two big events in the industry: the BIM Forum, Las Vegas and the International Retail Design Conference, Seattle. These were our insights.

We know for a fact that keeping up with the latest news is essential to provide the best services. Due to the high-paced technological development, this is even more important in the architecture, engineering and construction industry. That is the reason why whenever there is a BIM or AEC related forum or conference that we can be part of, we seize the opportunity and we show up!

CorbisStudio at the BIM forum, Chapter Las Vegas

by Yanina Pensa, BIM Coordinator at CorbisStudio.


This year I had the opportunity to participate in the BIM Forum and it was a great experience! This conference brings together emerging leaders of the industry to network, collaborate, and share.”

The sessions were divided into four categories:

Data Track: How to work efficiently with the information, extract and shared it.

Process Track: Was focused on management and coordination.

Practical BIM Track: Best practices.

USBD: U.S Institute of Building Documentation.

“All this together is Building Information Modeling. Complex machinery that involves architects, engineers, builders and owners, the adoption of standards and best practices, technology, and process.  This conference was full of information with the visual focus in the future.  Some of the content areas were the following:

Lean  • Project Delivery  • Productivity  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control  • Contracts  • Trade Coordination  • Workforce  • Research  • Metrics  • Advances in Technology  • LOD.

Lean Thinking is the 21st-century language that addresses how innovative manufacturing, software development, and construction companies structure their work and improve what they do. Amidst the complexities of modern design practice, Lean Architecture provides a better lens with which to envision and develop buildings and a framework for doing it more effectively.”


The BIM forum is an event where BIM professionals gather together to share, collaborate and network.


CorbisStudio at the International Retail Design Conference, Seattle

by Brian Dyches, Project Development Director at CorbisStudio.


From October 2-4 we attended the IRDC: International Retail Design Conference that was held at The Motif Hotel in Seattle, WA.

This conference, presented annually by VMSD - Visual Merchandising & Space Design, consisted of a three-day design dialogue centered on best practices, evolving trends and fresh strategies for engaging shoppers and maximizing resources.

We got the chance to grasp new ideas and be inspired by thought leaders from the world’s top brands.

Over three days, we learned on “how to empower consumers to touch, see, learn and understand a brand’s values through experience” by Tim Brown and Ryan McNulty of MBH Architects.

And we also got to hear from some other colleagues in the architecture business on “how to create a more engaging experience for shoppers while staying true to our brand” by Doug Pearl, National Architecture Placemaking at Regency Centers.

We are glad to have been part of this very fulfilling conference and keep on learning from industry influencers of the world.


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