The second edition of our Diploma in Executive Architecture was completed!

The second edition of our Diploma in Executive Architecture was completed!

Oct 01, 2018

As part of our Education programs, we train architects in the use of BIM services technologies, Project delivery management, construction methodologies and more. We believe that the AEC services industry needs skilled professionals and our Diploma in Executive Architecture is the solution we provide.

At CorbisStudio, we believe that education and training are fundamental resources that every professional must take advantage of throughout his career. The industry of architecture and design is a dynamic field; it constantly incorporates technological advances to achieve better solutions for building developments and projects.

But we also know that experience is as important. The challenges that come up with every project and the ability to solve them also contribute to the professional architects and project leaders’ expertise.

We managed to turn those two factors into a Diploma in Executive Architecture that this month closed its second edition. The second DAE began on June 26 and ended on September 3 and was dictated by our most experienced BIM coordinators and Project Architects. During those months we trained architects in AutoCAD, REVIT, Project Execution, CAD, MATH, Construction methodology, REVIT, CODE/LEED, and English. At the end of the course, students got to apply all the contents of this program in a final project.

On Wednesday, September 26, the second DAE promotion was held. These professionals have now completed their training and expanded their skills in Architecture Project Management, BIM modeling and are ready to face the challenges of everyday adventurous architecture projects.

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