Nov 29, 2017

CorbisStudio steps up to the challenge and faces the future. From Revit Certified professionals to award-winning architects, the studio never stops changing.

Winning the LatAm BIM Challenge

Mauricio Castiblanco just won THEBIMCHALLENGE, Latin America’s most important, Autodesk sponsored, BIM competition.

THEBIMCHALLENGE seeks to promote the use of BIM technologies among Latin American architects and integrate newer technologies into the continent’s AEC industry.

Mauricio’s award-winning piece is the Buenos Aires Museum of Architectonic Patrimony; a structure that aims to rescue and revisit the importance of the city’s dated and demolished buildings.

In Mauricio’s words: “This was a time for me to test myself. I’ve been so involved with management that creating was like a breeze of fresh air. Likewise, my involvement also had a social component as it shows the city’s hidden face and brings forward the issue of newer constructions eating the old ones, with the subsequent loss of the city’s historical patrimony.”

Congrats to the new Autodesk Certified pros!

Last week, five of our architects got the Autodesk Revit Architecture Certification as part of CorbisStudio Career Development Program. Following our policy of constant improvement, five of our BIM Coordinators are now Revit Certified professionals.

Missed the Autodesk University Las Vegas? Here are Two Takeaways

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas; that’s true. But now that AU 2017 has drawn to a close and the curtain fell, it’s time to bring you some of that BIM wisdom. We managed to steal some of that magic for our studio –and for you, all complete with links to watch the best sessions online.

The event that began as a user conference has expanded to something Vegas-worthy, and it evolved to a venue that reunites thought leaders from all over the world, creating a melting pot for innovation that will disrupt the industry.

For CorbisStudio, Autodesk University 2017 started with two of our BIM Coordinators, Jimena Feuillet and Mauricio Castiblanco, crossing the Atlantic to attend. After a few selfies, they were ready to get down to business, bringing some good news with them after the intense, 3-day event.

1. Virtual is the New Reality

We all know that virtual and augmented reality has taken hold within the AEC industry, and the developments in software and hardware are happening at such a speed that it makes it hard to follow the newest technologies. Of course, this is a challenge in itself, but implementing VR in your studio is the first step to be part of the disruption.

Recommended Class: A vision for the future of Virtual Reality in Design Viz: Advice from the Experts

2. Dynamo is Getting Stronger

If you don’t know Dynamo, you’d better do it. Dynamo allows architects and designers to do visual programming and interconnect workflows from other Autodesk software to create seamless integrations. This is particularly useful when you work as a consultant or as a remote contractor and have hundreds of sheets that you need to synchronize.

Recommended Class: Revit and Dynamo for Interior Design

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