Residential and the Pandemic: How BIM can help

Remote Work and Residential: changes from the pandemic

Posted by Corbis Team
May 13, 2020

In recent times, we have seen how one of the main concerns of architecture studios and companies in the US has turned to design. The COVID-19 pandemic has generated a paradigm shift in how space will be used.

And one of the most impacted sectors becomes the Residential. Apart from the healthcare sector, residential buildings ought now to be prepared to account for office use, following the remote work plan.

We have also seen that this vision is already installed in the minds of developers when it comes to producing residential units. For example, in communities where two-bedroom apartments make up 35% of the units, they could now increase to 40% or 45%.

When it comes to architecture, space needs rethinking. These spaces now need to reflect the combination of home life with work and must do so in a seamless way.

We help architecture studios with BIM and production support

This situation, as much as it seems now, is not new. It just deepens with this crisis. This leaning comes from new generations, maintaining a nomadic trend. Those who are part of the workforce were already working from home sometimes or all the time.

We at Corbis are confident that architectural production services are a fundamental part of these trend changes. Our support for design studies contributes to a faster generation of documentation and quality that adds value to the final product that design studies generate for their clients.
With a technical focus on the details and a comprehensive knowledge of building codes, we make a difference and reduce delivery times in the different phases of the project.

Our expertise in the residential sector also makes this possible. In addition to our work standards and smooth communication between production and project management teams, we ensure that instructions and details are effectively communicated.

We find our contribution to this crisis in the industry through our production service using BIM methodology.  We help to make the work of architectural studies, large or small, more efficient and convenient.

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