Life @ CorbisStudio: we put our Halloween costumes on

Life @ CorbisStudio: we put our Halloween costumes on

Nov 19, 2018

We celebrated Halloween at our studio. Check out all the costumes our creative team came up with. Plus, don’t forget to check our annual Photo Contest: God is in the details. It is focused on architecture detail.

Halloween ambient, costumes, and accessories invaded our offices

Wednesday 31st wasn’t a regular day at CorbisStudio. From the moment we crossed the doors, the Halloween spirit became present. Skulls, cobweb everywhere and bright orange pumpkins set the mood for a very spooky day.

But the best thing was walking through our offices and seeing all kinds of characters filling our teams’ workspaces. For instance, in the marketing office, Star Wars characters were in charge of our Brand communication that day. You had to make sure you kept your droids outside since they are never allowed to a Death Star control room. The mention of honor was for the stormtroopers whose Halloween costume was really impressive.

If you walked right into our architects' work booths you could have seen the Scooby Doo crew working on BIM models and the Powerpuff Girls (Mojo Jojo included) delivering some project around the world. Also, some robbers from Netflix’s series Money Heist were probably taking a break from planning a bank robbery to work on some construction drawings.

Our Human Capital team showed up dressed as the Handmaid’s Tale characters, and the cold winds of the north blew on the Viking Software team office. On the other hand, The ITS team guaranteed that Punk is never dead.

One of the best group costumes of the day (in fact, they were the Halloween Costume Contest winners) was worn by our Accounting and Finance team. People with numbers inquiries had to enter the magical world of the Smurfs. That was quite an experience!

Apparently, we have quite a few Marshmello fans in our team as both our Cordoba and Buenos Aires offices put on the DJ’s famous mask.

And, last but not least, on the upper story of our office, the Alice in Wonderland characters took over our Engineering team positions. The Best Individual Costume winner was among this group: the Mad Hatter who won the competition by a landslide (the Smurf Dad had to settle for the second place, although he was one of the favorites).

We also held a Best Thematic Meal contest. The prize went to our Powerpuff Girls & Mojo Jojo Architects’ team with an amazing Puking Pumpkin that served as a very tasty dipping sauce.

Halloween was a great opportunity to keep improving team bonding and create culture. Something that is very important in the life of a CorbisStudioer. We can’t wait for next year’s edition and see what our team prepares!

You can check the Halloween Photo Album here. And don’t forget to follow us to keep up to date with more news like this!


Participate in our architecture photography contest!

The famous German architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, stated that “God is in the details”. That is something we firmly believe in. Architecture detail is what ultimately makes beautiful works.

That’s why we have launched the second edition of our annual photo contest. It is open for anyone who wants to participate. The spirit is to capture the magnificence of the construction details through your camera’s eye.

Which are the requirements to participate?

  1. Upload your architecture pictures to Instagram using the hashtag #gitd2018

  2. Tag and follow our Instagram account: @corbisstudio

That’s it. A world-class jury will review all submissions and choose the best three. You have time until November 30th!

Check out prizes and more information here.

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