Life at CorbisStudio: Our PM Pablo Lempert in 10 answers

Jan 18, 2019

At CorbisStudio, we put a lot of effort into creating culture. And what better proof of it than hearing how our team see CorbisStudio's culture every day on their own words. This is the turn of Pablo Lempert, Project Manager and a long-time collaborator here at the studio.

Pablo joined CorbisStudio in 2003 starting as a project team member and rapidly moving onto a Project Captain role, being part of great developments like Caesar Palace and Fontainebleau in Las Vegas just to name a few.

He then moved to Panama where he coordinated developments in Central America, having the opportunity to experience the process from the other side, as part of the developer's team.

He is currently working as Project Manager and some of his key projects over the years are in the hospitality sector such as Resort World Las Vegas and Ritz Carlton Naples as well as Residential projects such as The Grove At Shoal Creek and East Terrace Apartments. One of his latest projects is the Adidas Roll-out stores development.

Let’s get to know him a little bit better as well as we experience a bit how CorbisStudio’s Culture is like in the daily life of our team. We prepared some questions for him. This is what he told us:


CST: How did you arrive at CorbisStudio?

Pablo Lempert: The first time I met CorbisStudio was in 2003. I had just graduated from school a few months ago and I saw a little ad in the newspaper calling out for architects with high scores from school and with good English skills. I applied and a few weeks later I received a call. The second time was when, after being 7 years living in Panama, Martin Lopez called me with a proposal for me to come back.


CST: Tell us a fun fact about you.

PL: I enjoy little moments in life. I try to smile and laugh as much as possible. I guess that the person sitting on the farther corner of the office already knows that (I laugh loud).


CST: What five things do you love about working at the studio?

PL: I'd definitely say:

1- The people.

2- The culture.

3- The variety of type of projects.

4- The trip opportunities.

5- Challenges with big and complex projects.


CST: Tell us something you’ve learned working at CorbisStudio?

PL: I’ve learned about American culture thru its architecture, learned how to document a project for another country, and I learned how to coordinate big projects.

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CST: Which is the biggest challenge that you had to face along with your team and how did you work around it?

PL: I managed a really big project for Vegas and I had a team of almost 20 architects. Imagine the kind of discussions we had under pressure with deadlines. How did I manage to overcome the challenge? I had a great support team, a great project coordinator and a great on-site coordinator. At CorbisStudio you are almost never alone, so the key is teamwork and being surrounded by outstanding people.


CST: In your daily work, which are the things where you see CorbisStudio culture?

PL: You feel Corbis’ culture everywhere!! You hear a high level of discussions about projects and how to improve the services we provide and everything we do every day. I also see the culture in people smiling and caring for each other at the studio and everywhere we are working at.


CST: Which three books you’d like to recommend to anyone at the studio?

PL: First, I’d recommend any book about the culture and history of the country you are about to visit. Secondly,  “Conducción de Mandos Medios, El poder secreto de la organización” by De Vicenzo. And the third one would be “The LEGO Architect” by Tom Alphin.


CST: What three good habits every Architect/Engineer should have?  

PL: Tough question… I’m not the one to give advice, but I’d say:

1- Design the details by hand drawing.

2- Get in the field and talk to the consultants.

3- Work hard but not for free, good things aren’t free.


CST: What qualities should anyone have to join the CorbisStudio team?

PL: Love architecture. Be a team player. Be willing to work while having a good time. Never underestimate remote work.


CST: How would you explain your job to a 5-year-old kid?

PL: I've just been assigned as "team captain" for this game, I'm not the best player nor the smartest one, but I care for everyone in my team so that we can be the best we can.

Pablo Lempert is one of our most experienced PM that makes sure our AEC technical and BIM services are successfully delivered.

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