How To Improve BIM Performance during COVID-19 outbreak?

How to improve your BIM performance during the pandemic

Posted by Corbis Team
May 20, 2020

During COVID-19 times, many architecture and engineering studios are going through challenges. With many construction projects on hold, there is no other option than waiting for the states to gradually resume construction works again. But this time presents a great opportunity for those AEC studios that have not yet made the transition to BIM technology. Being ahead in technology and innovation brings rewards both in the short and medium term.

This shutdown does not mean standing still and letting opportunities pass. This is how we see it at Corbis and that is why we have a fundamental question:

How to obtain an efficient, profitable BIM management without putting my operation at risk?

To answer that, you have to take into account one fundamental thing: collaborative work. The current pandemic forced many companies to adopt remote work. Some of them had already been working this way, but for those who did not, or even those who did it partially, it was very difficult.

According to some architecture studios, and in our experience as BIM service providers, preparation is key.

Proper preparation and correct standards can save a lot of time, which has become a key asset right now, even more than before. At Corbis we are proud to have a fluid process that allows us to identify and start production work as quickly as possible

At our Kick-Off meeting we are ready to make progress and have the team ready for architectural production.

Communication is key to streamlining conflict resolution

In our work methodology communication is vital. Having a technical-skilled team available to resolve requests and interferences helps to achieve the project with less RFIs, reducing the time and cost involved in the stages of DD and CDs. Quick response and availability are at the same level of importance as technical knowledge on the use of digital tools.

How to improve BIM performance during the pandemic

Having a platform where you can manage the project, its progress and communications is a big part of this key. At Corbis we have developed our own platform tailored to the needs of our clients and our team.

We are fortunate to have been able to work with a large number of AEC studios and companies on the west coast, from as far up to Seattle and down to San Diego. We have been able to observe first-hand how the application of the BIM methodology has led to growth for architecture studios and the improvement of the quality of the service they provide to developers and project owners.

We know that in times of recession, the risk to be managed is high. But investing in BIM Management brings rewards in the short and medium term. At Corbis we have solutions for different scale needs:

Our REVIT-alize program:

Consulting for architecture studios including Revit, BIM360 and project and equipment management using BIM.

Our BIM production and Management services:

We have a team of professionals ready to support and produce documentation for projects in SD, DD and CDs.

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