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Architecture and Engineering Production for Data Center: what you need to know

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May 20, 2020

The pandemic has impacted all sectors to a greater or lesser extent. Some, like the hospitality and retail sectors, have suffered more. Others, such as healthcare and residential, have been less impacted, even increasing their demand due to the construction of new hospitals or reconversion of spaces for use within the health sector.

It is essential to mention that the impact also depends on each state and its restrictions. Some are reopening, others did not need to carry on with a complete shutdown of activities, and the rest have taken some measure of isolation to counter the coronavirus spread.

On the other hand, there is the Data Center sector. And its impact from the recession could be analyzed in several ways.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the data center construction industry projected exponential growth influenced by the demand for energy-efficient data centers and meeting green standards. Besides, technology giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and IBM had already presented plans to build large Data Centers in several countries in Europe.

Now, if we take into account the virus and the new normality posed by social isolation, the Data Center sector sees growth since the COVID-19 accelerated the migration to Cloud Computing.

Recently, the sector continued its activity as planned, with only a few projects put on hold. The virus had affected the production chain, but even this did not risk industry activity. The main threat to the development of Data Centers seems to be investments rather than the pandemic.

Data Center and BIM servicies to increase potential

However, many businesses are preparing for a world where the trend that many observe is the virus's resurgence every specific periods.

A marked tendency to increase online presence requires a strong structure of Data Centers. But equally important is the speed to develop them. And in this, the architecture studio in charge of its design and execution is critical.

And one of the main factors for the agility of an architectural project is the BIM methodology to produce documentation and create models that faithfully represent the information to build.

As part of our Construction Digital Prototype®, the BIM methodology has been crucial in the development of different projects in the Data Center sector in which we have been Delivery Partners.

The experience and technical knowledge of our equipment contribute to greater precision in delivery times and the quality of the final product.

That added to the application and creation of software solutions, such as our Add-in for Revit® CorbisSniffer, makes us ready to provide a quick response to the development of solutions for data centers.

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