What does “We are not afraid of Jetlag” mean?

What does “We are not afraid of Jetlag” mean?

Sep 19, 2018

Working abroad and partnering with clients from all around the world is a rewarding and fulfilling experience that we always encourage our team to take part in. At CorbisStudio we are not afraid of Jetlag, and this enables us to provide our Construction Digital Prototype® Methodology with Technical and BIM Services to the AEC industry all around the world.

Our On-Site Coordinators are a key component of our Project Delivery Partner services. Whenever a client or project requires it, we are there. That’s why we have happy clients all over the world!

Meet Tatiana Aguirre, one of our top BIM Architects. On her fifth trip abroad, she went all the way down to Oakland, CA to work side by side with our client Studio T-Square for three months. Then, she spent another three months working at BSA’s offices, on the west coast.

For both of our clients, she managed the workflow and design for hospitality buildings across the USA. But there was something special during her time at BSA.

She had to fill in for BSA’s Project Manager and design and direct the project, reporting directly to the Principal. As Tatiana says, “the Principal told me this was my chance to shine, so I took it”.

“I think that is the thing our clients value the most: that we are capable of adapting and taking on new challenges and we respond quickly to their needs.”

“This was my fifth trip as On-Site Coordinator, but I am still learning and growing every day, both professionally and personally. It is really amazing to see how much one changes on every trip. Working with a culturally diverse team of architects in different places and for different projects has taught me how to adapt fast and how to be confident about my performance. That’s what CorbisStudio has also taught me. And that is what our clients see every time we are partnering with them around the world.”

Once again, we are glad to provide our clients with a world-class A/E/C service while contributing to our team’s experience and personal growth. Having a vast experience in BIM modeling services, we are a studio that has total confidence in our staff and focuses on helping them achieve their goals. That’s why we look forward to seeing Tatiana working again as an On-Site Coordinator in new places all around the world!

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