Resort World in Las Vegas is making progress

Phase 2 of Resorts World Las Vegas is Now Underway!

Jun 22, 2018

Fun is universal. As important, the most fulfilling experiences require honesty; a rendering of a perspective or ethos. Welcome to Resorts World Las Vegas, a huge project in one of the top leisure capitals of the world! The first Chinese-themed resort and casino on the Las Vegas Strip, Resorts World Las Vegas is set to delight with a variety of gaming, entertainment, and activities true to its theme's origins.

CorbisStudio is proud to collaborate with the firm Steelman Partners to bring one of the Gentling Group's major projects to life. Resorts World Las Vegas is among the many attractions initiated by Gentling Group, a global company that specializes in resorts. With over 11,595,021 square feet to consider, Resorts World is an extensive undertaking that demands mastery in a range of disciplines, a collaborative spirit, and cultural astuteness.

Contracted to design the architecture and interiors, Resort World Las Vegas renderings are a major project of CorbisStudio and is attracting some of its top available talent. Juan Pablo Acastello and Pablo Lempert are managing the project, Marcelo Picone is the project architect, and the main team consists of Ignacio Federico, Santiago Capdevila, and Antonella Luchetti. Contributors are designing with REVIT 2018 while using C4R to enhance productivity and communication.

RWLV requires both creativity and large-scale cohesion. As vital, it must have an iterative approach that considers day-to-day pragmatics. Synchronizing with structural and MEP experts is crucial, as is changing design to accommodate new, ever-changing circumstances. Essential to the spirit of CorbisStudio, prioritizing coordination with the client and other contractors is also integral to ensure Resorts World Las Vegas meets its target completion goal of 2020.

CorbisStudio joined Phase 1 of Resorts World in September, 2017 and, utilizing our characteristic inspiration and talent, followed through until its end in April, 2018. Close-knit and communicative, CorbisStudio teams have a reputation for emphasizing teamwork to increase productivity while also synergizing with client's and affiliate contractors' input. A huge project making considerable progress, Resorts World Las Vegas is a great example of CorbisStudio in action. Phase 2 is now underway and we look forward to updating readers soon!

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