From Roll-Outs to 13 Million Sq. Ft. Resorts

From Roll-Outs to 13 Million Sq. Ft. Resorts

Dec 15, 2017

2017 has been a busy year; that’s a fact. We’ve never stopped hustling and improving, and the results keep showing.

Roll-Outs: 250+ Stores, All Fast and Furious

Fast food chains, retail stores, coffee shops, and pizzerias, you name it. This year we’ve done lots of commercial roll-outs. We share the experience of Agustin Barrios, one of the Project Architects in charge of one of these behemoths.

“Commercial roll-outs can be a long and exhaustive process, keeping the team’s energy high is fundamental to keep the ball rolling and the magic flowing. Also, not every day a client gives you the entire creative freedom to improve the processes and the existing material. When it happens, having free rein gives you a different glance and the stakes go higher because the client trusts you even more, but it also gives you the satisfaction of seeing your imprint on the design,” says Agustin.


Steyn City Development: Second Stage

CorbisStudio, along with Boogertman and Partners, is on the way to complete the Detail and Delivery of a 250,000 sq. ft., mixed-Use residential development. Belen Rodriguez, the Project Manager in charge, tells you the fine print

“In this case, I’m managing our Buenos Aires’ team in the second stage of this project. In my opinion, the client’s trust has been fundamental to carry it further because it allows us to proceed to know what they want and expect. Also, Glenn, Boogertman’s lead architect has put many hours into making the information accessible, which really helps because the project’s massive scale requires careful examination.”


Resorts World Las Vegas: Coordination on a Massive Scale

Well, it’s time for us to go from coordinating on a large scale and move up to massive projects.

After a week under the desert’s sun, Pablo Lempert, one of our studio’s Project Managers, returned to us and shared his experience working for Resorts World Las Vegas. He spoke with the on-site crew, the lead architect, and the consultants to discuss the project’s clash reports and devise a BIM strategy.

“We’re just starting the project, and there’s a long way to go. This time we touched base with the client and realized the sheer dimensions of the project. Let me tell you: It’s huge. 11,500,000 sq. ft. of the total area is not something you see every day. So far, the client’s been really warm and open to our suggestions, and cooperation‘s flowing freely. This is a long-term deal; we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we’re ready to tackle it.”

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