This is our 2019 in the AEC industry

Our 2019 wrapped

Dec 18, 2019

This was our 2019 in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. It was a year full of challenges and achievements. And we highlighted some key data in an infographic.

For our studio, 2019 meant reinvention, in some way. We have been working for around 18 in the AEC industry providing top quality BIM services, 3D modeling and architectural documentation for top studios around the world. And we have had some ideas to bring innovation to an industry that has shown anything but little advancements regarding technology implementation. So, our Construction Digital Prototype was created.

To develop a new way to handle the process from conception to construction administration took a lot from all of our studio departments. It was certainly the main challenge that 2019 saw us go through. And it had left us lessons learned and some numbers and news to share.

So, with the Construction Digital Prototype story left to tell soon, here it is how CorbisStudio's 2019 looked like.

CorbisStudio 2019 in the aec and bim services industry

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