Our 2018: Wrapping up a thriving year

CorbisStudio’s 2018: Wrapping up a thriving year

Dec 18, 2018

Let's take a look at CorbisStudio year-end stories. This was our team's last effort in 2018. We had a series of events that are focused on planning what's next for us in 2019. Of course, there was time for a celebration, too!

This has been an amazing year at CorbisStudio. It sure had a lot of new challenges, the AEC technical industry always has them. But we also achieved a lot of goals. It was a year of growth but also a year of rediscovering and readjusting the direction of where we are going.

We improved what we know how to do best and we learned new ways to provide our project delivery services around the world. We have been doing this for more than 15 years in the industry with a strong BIM methodology.

We wanted to bid farewell 2018 focusing on two activities: we wanted to start planning for 2019 and to celebrate all we accomplished. That’s why in early December we had a series of events in which we were able to do both.


Strategic retreat: planning our business strategy by the lake

On December 3-4, our team attended our annual strategic retreat. The executive team, project architects and engineers, managing directors and the business development team gathered together in a cabin by the lake to define the shape of 2019, as well as the business strategy and direction for our studio.

It was a great experience and the perfect opportunity to work on the “matters that matter” and to make sure all members of the team shared the same vision about CorbisStudio’s part in the AEC and BIM industry and in the business.

Here are some snapshots of what those days looked like:

The day started right, we talked about AEC processes and BIM strategies for what's coming in next year.

A shot of the team working on the cabin. The next BIM and IPD services are born here.

Part of the CorbisStudio's team. These are our CEO, Managing Directors, Project Managers, Architects and Engineers.


7D Annual Report: looking back on what we learned and what we accomplished

December the 7th was a very intense and enjoyable day! It started early at the Universidad Catolica de Cordoba auditorium. Our entire team got together: some came all the way down from the US West Coast and from Buenos Aires. These teams joined our Córdoba staff in order to share our 2018 Annual Report. It was a great event where all the department heads in the studio showed us our top initiatives that helped us improve what we know as #LifeAtCorbisStudio and as well as our performance regarding the services we provide.

We could grasp all the progress made in BIM services and methodology, AEC technical, software solutions and internal processes. These are some of the most relevant ones:


#1 Forecasting

This is the way we figured out how to be able to “see the future”. It is a great improvement to be prepared to respond in a timely manner.

How do we do it? We combine the weekly input from our Project Development Directors about upcoming new opportunities with the support and update of our Business Tactical Support. All this added up to the input from Project Managers and Managing Directors allows us to report the backlog and resources needed for ongoing projects.

Number one initiative is really helpful for our AEC department in order to see the future in our architecture studio.


#2 Project Improvement Meetings

Every month, we collect information from Accounting and Finance via Frank and meet with the project leadership to discuss ways to improve the project in every manner possible.

This is a very proactive way to avoid getting to the end of the project where we no longer have the ability to impact its course and change the results.

The second initiative helps our Project Managers handle project delivery.


#3 Project Kick-Off and Take Off

Winning work is a long process and involves a lot of negotiation. By the time we are awarded a contract, the team is assembled and is ready to start.

But victory loves preparation! So having a solid internal Take-off meeting and then having a Kick-off meeting with the client is key to ensuring we start with a clear understanding of the expectations.

Whether we are delivering BIM services or architecture and engineering solutions, a solid kick-off and take-off meeting makes the difference.


#4 Project Wrap-Up

If we do (collectively) a good job, by the time we are wrapping up one project we should be having another one on the table.

It is easy to "dilute" the end and skip the part where we stop and review what we have done, what worked and what didn't; therefore, we focus on this part in order to make the most out of the project experience and never miss the lessons learned.

Wrapping up a AEC or BIM project is essential to give the final touch and be prepared for what's next.


#5 Production Boost and Freelance Contracts

Architecture and Engineering projects turn on and off with a cadence that is very hard to anticipate, and we often find ourselves either with too much (or too little) work.

No matter how hard we put into practice the #1 initiative, it is still hard.

So developing a standardized way to deal with overflow was crucial to be always prepared to provide our clients with excellent service.

Even though initiative number one help us see the future, the AEC industry is fast-changing. Initiative number 5 helps with that.


Year-end party 2018

Finally, on the same day, but later at night, we had our year-end party (full album coming up, stay tuned!) This was a moment for us to celebrate the great year we had and relax a little. It is always necessary to stop for a while to have fun and look back on all the things we accomplished together.

It was a time to share some delicious food and drinks between colleagues from different areas, get to know each other a little better and enjoy music (we even got a live act that played some songs to our staff).

Moreover, this party was a perfect occasion to give some recognition to the staff members that have been with us for over 5 and 10 years. Their everyday hard work has taken us to where we are now, so we are thankful for their constancy and effort.

Right after that, other important awards were presented. We, at our studio, have three values that guide us through our project delivery approach and our everyday work in all areas. These are Expertise, Excellence and Experience. Our values awards this year went to architect and BIM coordinator Florencia Gariglio, UX/UI designer Santiago Ingaramo and project managers Marcelo Piccone and Pablo Lempert.

Finally, we got to listen to the messages and kind words our on-site team sent us from all around the world since they are working on delivering projects in different countries.

This pretty much wrapped the end of the year for CorbisStudio (if you wanna see more pictures go here). We can’t wait for 2019 and all the challenges that are expecting us up ahead. We took this year to become stronger as a team. We had one premise: “If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go far, let’s go together”. 2019 is the time to go far.


The complete CorbisStudio team for our year-end party.

The complete CorbisStudio team at our year-end party.

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