Construction Management Expertise mixed with BIM services

Bringing in Construction Management Expertise Since Day One

Oct 21, 2019

Architectural Design and Construction Execution are two disciplines far apart in Project Development. Fortunately, the Construction Digital Prototype® has come to bridge that gap.

We have talked about our Construction Digital Prototype® before. It is a methodology that covers different bases. It accounts for Project and BIM Management, BIM Modeling, Construction Documentation, Construction Coordination, and Quantity Take-Offs.

But there is another aspect that comes to change how the Construction industry works.

Most construction projects follow the traditional process. They only start to think about the building process at the job site when project teams finish the Design Phase. That is when issues arise and when building material and working hours are wasted.

3D BIM modeling is a great tool to prevent all that, and we aware of it. We have been providing BIM modeling services for too long and we have seen the benefits.

But there exist subjects that need to be addressed to get a leaner process.

BIM architects training in the construction job site

What exactly we do when providing Construction Management Services

We provide a different and cost-efficient angle to the construction management process. Our service might as well be considered as BIM construction since this discipline plays a major key role.

But essentially our BIM Construction Management core is divided into three:

  1. Constructability and Procurement Strategies
  2. Construction Analysis and Strategies
  3. Management of Transition to Operation and Facility Management

To start the Project Management process, we ensure the schedule aligns with the financial commitments of the development. This is achieved by establishing the Construction Programming and Project Budget.

Next, it follows a Constructability Analysis, to detect potential issues early on (starting as early as the Design Development). And to work with the design consultants to fix these issues proactively.

Finally, we prepare packages and manage the tender process through a cloud-based platform for consistency and integrity. This provides the owner with reports for decision-making. And it allows us to establish the contract conditions with the owner, generating better cost estimates.

CorbisStudio BIM Construction Management Services

Mixing Construction Expertise with Architectural Design

One of the fundamentals of our Construction Digital Prototype® is bringing the Construction Manager insights early to the design phase. It is proven that start designing with the end-users’ needs in mind drastically reduces clashes.

To cover this approach, we developed an in-company program. And we created the “To Build or Not To Build” construction program.

It was born as a way to train our staff in construction. It is carried out by our Construction Managers, who lead them to different construction sites. That way they can grasp first hand how the work they do impacts real building crews’ daily work.

Our architectural and structural production staff is proficient in BIM modeling and construction documentation. And they are constantly working on 3D BIM Construction pre-con development. They deal with the digital representations of the buildings aimed at construction managers and general contractors. But they needed to see how they are being utilized in the site.

In order to provide a comprehensive and disruptive BIM service, we have to get Construction Management early in the process. One way to do it is by bringing production staff to the site. They see how the documentation and 3D models they create through BIM software is operated by the end-users.

BIM modeling services providers testimonials

Expanding their knowledge and learn about construction methods seems to motivate them to see architecture and engineering from a different angle. This is what the experience of our “To Build or Not To Build” program feels like on their own words:

"It is helpful to get off our daily tasks in the studio and take a look at the job site. It provides us with a different vision. Some things look very nice in the drawings but are not so useful at construction."

What caught my attention from the site is the coordination that takes place before construction. You have to get all the construction phases planned out, otherwise, you'll face some errors. The strategy is fundamental.”

Interdisciplinary coordination with the external agents. I mean, you have to exchange all the necessary information to get the project done. This involves the water company, power supply company, etc.”

I focused on the constant trial and error process on each stage that allows us to analyze and plan better. It is vital to have clear and detailed planning before you set a foot on the construction site.”

BIM architects in the construction job site.


Every week a team is assigned to visit one of our projects. They take a tour and learn from the input of the professionals who actually build the buildings. They return with an expanded understanding of the work. This way they can approach building information models differently.

This program adds up to our vision of cutting down the waste in construction. We believe that integration and technology application (such as amplified drawings) is the path to efficiency in construction.

Contact us today if you need more information regarding Construction Digital Prototype® implementation.

One of our Project Development Directors will gladly point you in the right direction. And prepare a tailored proposal to suit your needs.

No matter the project stage. We can help you.

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