Construction Coordination in Hospitality

Construction Project Coordination: A Hospitality Case Study

Oct 01, 2019

There is a way to enhance the work at the construction job site powered by technology and coordination.

The Construction Digital Prototype® is a project management procedure developed in our studio to overcome the 4 main issues in the Construction Industry. It merges the best of architecture and engineering traditional processes with BIM modeling services and technological improvements. It results in a proficient solution to the Construction Management service our studio provides.

It consists of a repeatable and scalable formula for success. All orchestrated to unleash the full potential of BIM technology from early design stages to full pre-construction.

The Construction Digital Prototype® concept revolves around efficiency and certainty in construction. And through an efficient Construction Management, costs and times are drastically reduced.

To cover all bases, work is divided into 6 sections. This allows us to manage each with its standards. In this article, we are covering the Construction Coordination methodology and its employment in one of our latest Hospitality projects.

Construction Project Coordination

The ultimate purpose of this methodology is to reduce RFIs. Bringing together all disciplines and performing a thorough Clash Detection process is the path to a construction productivity increase. The enforced BIM Clash Detection procedure reduces delays and errors. The impact of this methodology on the job site translates into onsite clash resolution.

General Contractors report improved productivity seeing increases of 25% or more by adopting BIM modeling as part of their construction methods.

(*) Dogde Report “Measuring the Impact of BIM on Complex Buildings”.

Amplified QR drawings at the construction job site

How we make it work

The Consultant Coordination process starts with the BIM Execution Plan. It sets the standards for all consultants to create their models for this purpose. If a certain consultant was not to provide the required models, we take over and produce that model for coordination.

Once all models are ready, we perform 3 types of examination:

Visual: we conduct a human inspection, as well as cross-checking 3D models and drawings.

Analytical: using BIM integration tools with a specified tolerance.

VR Tour: as a site inspection tour, recreated in a digital environment.

We prepare a detailed report to share with all consultants at the BIM coordination meetings. This iteration takes place until all major clashes are resolved.

The outcome is the ability to anticipate modifications or interferences that are usually located directly at the job site. A fitting coordination also generates the base for more precise cost estimates. That way, owners and developers can save on substantial percentages and increasing the project’s profit margin.


Construction Coordination Case Study: Resort World Las Vegas

Resort World Las Vegas is a Hospitality project. It consists of the development of a High-Rise Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The project totals a gross floor area of 11,595,021 square feet. This project is planned to be a $4 billion integrated resort with a unique Chinese theme.

Our studio was in charge of developing architectural BIM Models using the most current version of Autodesk’s Revit. It was based on 2D design and construction documentation provided in AutoCAD by the Architect of Record (AOR).

BIM Coordination

The scope of services included the development of a BIM strategy, Management, 3D Models Production, coordination, and trade/contractor model management.

The project management team took the lead on the project’s coordination of:

1. Architectural Design

2. Interior Design

3. Structural Engineering

4. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP)

5. Fire Protection and Safety

6. Civil and ground connections


The 3D models were developed based on the Architects and Engineers' AutoCAD drawings. These were fully coordinated using Navisworks, as the clash detection software complementation of choice.

The procedure consists in performing full coordination to find areas where conflicts or clashes occur between the different disciplines. The next step is setting up design review meetings to share with the rest of the consultants our project teams’ findings.

This process takes place in said coordination meetings to foster a collaborative spirit between all parties.


Resort World Las Vegas construction job site


When is the right time to incorporate the Construction Digital Prototype in a project?

The true start is at Design Development, once the Schematic Design package has been approved and the project has been entitled.

From there, our project teams start the process of creating the Construction Digital Prototype®. It turns “standard Revit Models” or initial AutoCAD drawings into real prototypes of the building to be built. It covers all the bases from design details to quantities and construction sequences.

The AOR and EOR remain in control of the design. They supervise the project and document’s progress on an agreed-upon schedule. They proving their design input and directions throughout the process.

The Construction Digital Prototype® is a system that incorporates the Construction Manager experience at Production Management early stage. It is powered by BIM technology and Technological advancements.

It pushes project teams to rethink how end-users can be an active part of the process since day one. It is our way to get a leaner, cleaner and more integrated design-build process.

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