Buranda I reached Practical Completion.

Buranda I reached Practical Completion.

Sep 19, 2018

One of the latest projects that we are most proud of is Buranda I the biggest single development for student accommodation in Brisbane, Australia. This was a very fulfilling and rewarding challenge for our team, who worked hard to meet expectations, resulting in another happy client: Woods Bagot.

We’re proud to present another successful job done by our Construction Digital Prototype® Methodology services.

This is the story of Florencia Romanutti, one of our top BIM Architects here at CorbisStudio. In this project, she was in charge of delivering Interior Design and Architecture services. In order to meet the client’s requirements as best as possible, she traveled to Brisbane, Australia to work onsite directly with Woods Bagot. Florencia was there for three months, where she had a very productive experience and she had the pleasure of seeing a project become a reality, something that is not always the case in every project.

“This project was very challenging to me because we had to deliver an Interior Design service while also reckoning with the Architectural design. Besides, we had to shift from the Imperial system of units, the one that we use in our USA based projects, to the Metric system of units” she told us.

“This experience made me appreciate the importance of a detailed and well-delivered architectural/ Interior design service. I learned that this is something very important for the client as they have a whole concept dedicated to it.”

 “One of the things I remember the most is how challenging was the facade design we were working on. There was this very specific color gradient pattern which was very important to document. It took a lot of work on our CDs in order to reflect this design’s real intent as well as the level of details it had, so it could be built as exactly as it was meant to be”.

As we stated earlier, CorbisStudio took part in Buranda’s Architectural and Interior design delivery documentation process (from Design Development to Construction Documents) for over a year. After that time, the project became a reality and it is now one of the biggest accommodation solutions to university students in Brisbane, QLD.

In Florencia’s words:  “Seeing a project into which you put a lot of dedication become real and finally being built is one of the best feelings in this job, and with Buranda I had the pleasure of having that experience.

Buranda I was a big project where a lot of our architects were involved off and on-site. It took a lot of time, dedication and effort, but in the end, we feel once again very happy to help our clients wherever they are.”

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