"God is in the details" 2018 Photo Contest

"God is in the details" 2018 Photo Contest

Dec 18, 2018

We are proud to present you the winners of our annual photography contest: "God is in the details". This years edition was focused on architecture detail under the famous premise of the German-American Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Read more to see who won and the special mentions among more than 1300 submissions!

God is in the details” is a famous quote by the German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, considered by some as the prestigious master of modernity. He was well-known for seeking an objective approach that would guide the creative process of architectural design. He is associated with the idea of “less is more”.

This is the concept on which we based our annual photo contest: details are important. Whatever one does should be done thoroughly. And this is especially true in the architecture field. We wanted to celebrate, through a series of images, the value of detail as a way of looking at our world.

It is a real pleasure for us to see that this year's edition saw a big increase in participants. People from all around the globe were encouraged to join in and to show us through their pictures what are the details the considered the most important.

This year, the photography contest moved to Instagram, where users of all around the globe could participate by using the hashtag #GITD2018.

We had more than 1300 submissions and getting a winner was not an easy task for our world-class jury composed of architect and photographer Gonzalo Viramonte, architect and BIM coordinator Gabriel Benitez (who is also 2017’s winner) and graphic designer Mariano Castañeda. The level was so high.

After reviewing and discussing, the jury came to a conclusion and with a little help with our Managing Director, Martin Lopez (who, by the way, is very fond and knowledgeable on photography) we can proudly present you the 2018 “God is in the Details” Photo Contest winners:


1st place (@ishutterphotography)

This is the picture that is within the detailed ground. The contrast, focus, and scheme settings result really suggestive as a photograph.

This was the first place winner of our architecture detail photography contest. We are more than AEC technical and BIM services, we create culture.



2nd place (@infinite.amount.of.monkeys)

This is a sequence of levels that makes you approach the materials’ detail (foreground) as well as the vanishing point upon the central compositional axis of the image, where the stairs at its center invite you to tour an unknown place that is familiar at the same time.

This was the second place of the architecture detail photo contest which concept was "god is in the details" at CorbisStudio.


3rd place (@rocio.barreiro)

This picture has something about the city and architecture that refers to the coexistence of those universes. At the same time, the container in saturated darkness, and the content in a luminous and colorful painting generate a balanced but intense dialogue.

This was the third place of our architecture detail photo contest by CorbisStudio, AEC technical and BIM services.


Special Mention #1 (@rocio.barreiro)

Capital is "THE" detail in architecture, but here the main character is the sky? The proper architecture that contains it? Those are big questions that build an asymmetrical and expectant image.

One of the special mentions in our architecture detail photography contest.


Special Mention #2 (@dallelycancino)

There is a power of abstraction and future in this proposal that catches the eye between lines, planes, and chiaroscuro.


Another special mention in our architecture detail photography contest called "god is in the details".


Special Mention #3 (@antartic_return)

This one puts in question the idea of “detail” in this contest. Considering the focus construction, the detail here is the human figures, in the solitude of an anodyne architecture containing them.

The last of the special mentions of our architecture detail photography contest.

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