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Oct 18, 2018

CorbisStudio keeps on going around the world to partner with architecture studios and firms. Our all-time saying has always been “We Are Not Afraid Of Jetlag” and we really mean it!

Where in the world are we working on-site right now?

Some of our finest BIM coordinators and architects are currently managing architecture projects and building designs with BIM technology, coordinating information from all the disciplines that our multidisciplinary team excels in, and keeping our clients’ projects costs within budget. That’s what we do.

In Las Vegas, NV one of our Semi-Senior BIM coordinators, Yanina Pensa is working on-site with Bergman, Walls & Associates. Yanina has a broad experience in architectural support and consultant coordination, which provided her with the opportunity to gain a broad perspective on how different disciplines interrelate throughout projects. She’s very skilled in the use of Revit and that is a key factor in the Casino Hotel development she is currently involved at.

Moving down to Denver, CO we have two of our talented architects, Julieta Ardiles and Julieta Mura, working on architecture project delivery with OZ Architecture.

Julieta Ardiles took the challenging task of coordinating the Brighton Office Building project, a 6-floor tower development where we are assisting with the second half of Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Document stages of work.

On the other hand, Julieta Mura is working with OZ architecture as an on-site Project Coordinator in a Residential, Multi-Family project.

Going all the way down to the west coast, we are at present in San Francisco, CA partnering with Bull Stockwell Allen Architects and with Brayton Hughes Design Studios. There, two of our leading BIM coordinators, Santiago Capdevila and Jeremias Vago Vidal are posted to coordinate projects deliveries such as One Spruce Peak, a five-story residential project, and OMNI Bretton Woods, an on-mountain restaurant project.

Santiago specializes in 3D BIM modeling and stage design tasks, ensuring drawings are precise and specifications are properly met to produce the best project results. These skills along with a strong analytical aptitude and solid use of Revit software made him a perfect fit for coordinating BSA Architects projects.

And last but not least, we have to go northwest to find our On-Site Coordinators, Rodrigo Mir and Alfonsina Sassia working in Bellevue, WA with our clients JPC Architects and Freiheit & Ho Architects.

Alfonsina’s main project is working on a significant roll-out project: McDonald’s remodeling. CorbisStudio is in charge of the construction documentation for the remodeling of each McDonald’s location.

The methodology we perform in our processes allows us and our partners to solve traditional problems with new paradigms. Our biggest aim is to help our clients deliver their projects faster, with higher quality and with cost-convenient leverage.

All of the above combined with our expertise in Building Information Modeling technology enables us to be at every place our partners demand and provide them with efficient solutions and results, no matter where they are located.


Where in the world are our next on-site challenges?

But that is not over. We are setting in our next on-site coordinators that are ready to fly and get where our clients’ project requires.

Some of our next departures are set off to reinforce our presence in our clients’ offices in the United States Pacific Northwest area.

Florencia Retamal is heading off to Sunnyvale, CA to work in project delivery for building development. And Beatriz Errasquin, a BIM professional with more than 7 years of experience in the field here at CorbisStudio, is traveling all the way down to Oakland, CA to join the team at MBH Architects offices.

Oakland will be populated with CorbisStudio professionals, as Paula Salvano is also ready to depart to work at MBH Architects headquarters in the next days.

Our on-site coordinators are the solution when a project scale and complexity requires intense communication. Their main goal is to be the liaison and become the eyes and ears of the offsite team, providing support for both parties.

Our team works with our clients, shoulder to shoulder.

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