How this Recession Could Improve the Construction Industry

Here's How This Recession Could Mean Improving the Construction Industry

Posted by Corbis Team
May 13, 2020

As an AEC firm, we at Corbis believe there is a good side to the current recession. Especially in the Construction Industry, one on which we have also experienced past downturns and setbacks that made us learn a lot too.

One valuable lesson is that these crises often serve to evolve. It can happen in the form of sweeping one set of players off the property board, and introducing somebody new. Or it could mean bad practices rooted out, and better and more productive systems to rise.

And that is exactly what we enforce when we talk about our Construction Digital Prototype®, a new approach to Project Management and Construction documentation.

We base our methodology in BIM technology, collaboration, and cost projection. The service we provide to Owners, Developers and General contractors summarizes into six pillars:

  • Management
  • Modeling
  • Documentation
  • Coordination
  • Quantity Take-Offs
  • Technology

Through the use of BIM, any modification made to design also happens in the model, and it automatically updates the Quantities Take-Off data and the information for the Clash Detection process. Otherwise, it would take a long time to make those changes manually. Besides, there is always the human error present that can cause some issues to be overlooked.

The use of BIM in the production of documentation is a big edge that will improve the Construction process.

We aim to a working process on which professionals can work with any device and have instant and real-time information about the project. It saves a lot of project hours, especially when there are many actors from many disciplines involved.

Which could possibly be a better time than now? Just as we read on the news that AI is being used to control social distancing in the construction site. Why wait to implement a better process to reduce time changes and waste in the construction process?

With Corbis' Construction Digital Prototype®, the tasks at the job site can all be accounted for, planned, and executed with minimal waste. We know that Construction will probably not be the same after this pandemic. We are sure it will be even better.

Let's talk about the path forward and to determine how we might be stronger together.

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