Life @ CorbisStudio: creating culture

Life @ CorbisStudio: creating culture

Oct 18, 2018

Sharing some team quality time, having fun and adding some color to our desks where great BIM solutions and AEC project deliveries happen!

We care about making our workplace a better place

On September 21 we took some time off of our schedule to better the place we work in and share time with our colleagues while enjoying the sunshine. We are experienced AEC and BIM Project Delivery Partner but that doesn`t mean we don’t have fun while delivering world-class services.

Last month, we booked one Friday so every member of our team got their creativity to flourish in an activity that was specially planned to be performed outdoors. The task was simple and entertaining: they had to reveal their artistic skills on a little flower pot that served as their canvas.

Throughout the morning time, all different areas of our workforce took a little time out of their busy agenda to relax, share a nice moment with their teammates and make their everyday workspace a little bit brighter by adding some nature in the form of a green new friend.

These stylish little flower pots have now become their new colorful partner in their day-to-day tasks and projects.

The pictures show it for themselves and the weather was on our side as a burst of nice sunshine was present during the whole activity.


Our architecture and engineering teams working on their new green company for their desks.


We work hard and we play hard

Once the daily tasks were finished, the team got to hang out with each other after-office style. A relaxing ambiance was built and a few beers and snacks started to come on the scene. It was the perfect opportunity to bond and get to know the people behind the new faces that have joined the CorbisStudio family in the last months.

That’s a brief snapshot of what Life @ CorbisStudio looked like in September. We are pretty sure that October will be just as fun and we can’t wait to show you everything we have prepared.

At CorbisStudio we care about the place we work in and we care about creating culture.


Our team at our architecture studio enjoying an after office party to welcome spring.

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